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Container house projects are divided into 3 groups. These groups are container module house, prefabricated house and container house. Depending on your request, we can create container living sections in the size of square meters and the number of floors you want. The number of rooms, bathrooms, and kitchen options are also available in these container models.

We have manufacturing and applications of shower/wc containers, containers, security containers, disassembled containers, trailer containers, armored containers, and office containers.

We can produce containers of the width and length you want in your project. Our containers are fixed in length. Therefore, if you want a high container structure, you can create a multi-storey container with a modular setup. Our containers are resistant to bad weather conditions such as rain and winter. Our containers are made of waterproof material and are designed and produced for a long life.

With container houses, you can quickly solve your accommodation problem. It is both low-cost and very fast to install. It can be delivered to you in about 7 days after you place your order. The delivery date may vary depending on the region and country to be delivered. Our containers do not need any maintenance. It is produced as protected against all external factors and conditions.

Production and delivery are made according to the demand of our valued customers. Our containers equipped with green energy have a green energy certificate. We create a sustainable future with containers that can process their own energy and waste without polluting the nature.

The prices of our products and services may vary according to the size of the work to be done and the material types selected by the customer. Therefore, contact us so that we can offer an accurate price.

We visit and design the architectural project on site. We explain to We visit the architectural project on site and design it carefully. We explain the next steps to you in detail.

The products and services used in our project are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of delivery. In other cases, you can also contact us.